Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet

Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet

The ultimate restaurant companion on your Series 60 cellphone

Dining out has never been more enjoyable, now that neohand has once again teamed with noted wine and food writer Amy Reiley. Together, they created Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard, which took both the wine and handheld software worlds by storm.

Now, the latest collaboration between Amy Reiley and neohand is designed to enhance your dining out experience. Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet for the Series 60 cellphone is comprised of three sections:

Menu Assistant

Have you ever looked at an item on a menu or in a cookbook and not known what an ingredient is? Or how it's prepared? With over 2,300 definitions and descriptions of common and not-so-common dining terms from many ethnic cuisines, the Menu Assistant will keep you informed, without having to ask some snooty waiter.

Restaurant Notes

For years you've been keeping restaurant information in your handheld's address book, and it's been adequate. But there is no need to settle. With the Restaurant Notes section, you can use a specially-designed address book that offers you the ability to record your experiences at restaurants, including dishes to order, your favorite table or the maitre-d’s name.

Tip Calculator

Do you dread that moment, at the end of the meal, when you have to figure out what fifteen percent of $47.36 is? This simple tip calculator will help you calculate the tip and add it to the subtotal and tax.

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Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet


Amy Reiley's Pocket Gourmet